Building a Platform for Efficient Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a clean source of energy that has a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy resources.

TerraGreen Purpose

The general thought behind TerraGreen is to use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to make Earth (Terra) a greener place. We want to revolutionize the concept of how green energy is produced and supplied to the customer. It is all in our interest to stop the pollution by coal and oil and move to an age of renewable energies. TerraGreen is intended to break down the walls between energy producers, investors, utilities and consumers so that people get involved and influence how their energy is produced.

TerraGreen Motivation

Environmental stress to earth has induced an urgent quest for innovation in the energy structure on a global scale. TerraGreen is all about bringing reform in the existing energy supply structure and transition to a new energy system through the use of Blockchain Technology, that can fundamentally reduce GHG emissions and mitigate waste pollution. TerraGreen is an ecosystem, where renewable energies are tokenized and can be used by the community in exchange for fiat currency or payment for energy consumed. But we are not stopping here, we want to use the blockchain technology in a way that users can monitor how the energy is produced and what it is used for.

Blockchain Technology

Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively.


The native Blockchain of TerraGreen will allow the deployment of different DApps on the system. Since it is a platform for green energy, we do not support the massive energy waste done by proof of work consensus. For this reason, we will implement the latest dedicated proof of stake consensus to make our blockchain safe and efficient.

With the applications being deployed on the blockchain, we can transmit, store and analyze energy data in real time.

Features of TerraGreen Platform

TerraGreen brings great features in dealing with smart technologies

lighting fast

Lightning Fast

The TerraGreen blockchain is lightning fast. It just takes 1 Sec of block time to complete any transaction.

Multilayer Protocol

Multilayer Protocol

A multilayer protocol will allow the storage and tracking of multiple data on the blockchain.


Easy to use UI/UX

TerraGreen UI and wallet will allow users to follow the latest project developments and makes trading easy and safe.


Unlimited Sidechains

Unlimited sidechains allow in the deployment of other projects and coins under the umbrella of the TerraGreen green energy platform.

terragreen app download
TerraGreen App


The best cryptocurrency wallet is here. Use TerraGreen wallet for easy and secure transaction.

TerraGreen Decentralized Application is a Platform-Independent user interface which enables the community users to have interactions with various platform exclusive features and participate in various campaigns.


TerraGreen becomes their own energy traders, substituting for all the role utilities which play in buying and selling power on our behalf.

Trade System

Bridging-Tokens, Consumers and Utilities

TerraGreen with the help of blockchain can build a bridge between energy producers, consumers, and utilities which will be a revolutionary change and renewable energy sector have never experienced it before.

Storage Systems

Building an Energy Backed Economy

TerraGreen is building an Energy Backed Economy which boosts transparency, liquidity and stabilizes the ecosystem.

Storage Systems

Transparency in The System

TerraGreen brings transparency in the ecosystem which will be a vital step ever taken for the advance future of renewable energy sectors.

Storage Systems

Use of Renewable Energy Source

TerraGreen is building a renewable energy platform that will further fund the major renewable sourcing projects in the near future which will make Earth a better place to live.

Storage Systems

DApps For Renewable Energy Projects

Various DApps will be created on TerraGreen Blockchain Platform for renewable energy projects.


TerraGreen Coin is a renewable and blockchain-based community, ecosystem and cryptocurrency.

TerraGreen Coin

We have introduced a platform coin known as TerraGreen Coin and running ICO to fund our platform. TerraGreen Coin will help in raising capitals for energy producers. It ensures liquidity and access to capital for setting up renewable plants for renewable energy projects, it allows both consumers and investors to take interest in such projects with the help of TerraGreen coin. All the transaction on the TerraGreen platform will be done by TerraGreen coin or Platform Coin. This coin can be stored in the bank by paying interest. Hence, the price rate of the platform coin will also increase as the transaction increases.

terragreen coin

Coin Description

The total supply of TerraGreen token (TGN) is set at 270 million. We have constrained the initial circulating supply, which will therefore increase growth in demand. Only about 50% of the total cons will be unlocked at first after the ICO. 20% is reserved for rewards for the master nodes and the rest of the TGN is locked in vesting contracts, to be released in line with demand and performance. The tokens and funds have been allocated as pictured

  • Total Supply: 270 Million
  • No. of Coin for sale: 108 Million TGN
  • Total Hard cap: 11 Million USD
  • Total Soft cap: 5 Million USD
  • Coin Protocol: SHA-384 Algorithm

Coin Distribution

Coin Distribution

Asset Allocation

asset alocation


  • Formation of TerraGreen.


  • Platform feasibility test.
  • Proof of concept test.
  • Collaborations with technology companies


  • Starting development of TerraGreen Platform.
  • Launching of Official Website.


  • Partnering with renewable energy companies AVI Renewables and Augustina Tradelink.
  • ICO Announcement, ICO Campaign targeting Social Media.
  • Private Presale.
TerraGreen ICO Roadmap


  • ICO launching (January).
  • Blockchain Platform test.
  • Listing TGN Coin on several Exchanges.


  • ICO Closing & KYC verification.
  • Coin Distribution & Escrow.
  • Launch of TerraGreen Wallet.
  • Development of Node software, Consensus Algorithm and Smart Contracts.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Use-Case 1: 2.4 MW Gasification Project.
  • Closing contracts of biomass waste supply for 2.4 MW Gasification project.


  • Lab and field test of the Hydrogreen Amplifier in India for emission and fossil fuel reduction in transportation and industrial sectors.
  • Test of Node software, Consensus and Blockchain Building Algorithms.
  • Development of the Token Creation Module.


  • Certification of Blockchain security by external audit.
  • Smart Contract Creation with AVI Renewables and AJIL Biofuel for Use-Case 1: 2.4 MW Gasification Project.
  • Financial closing of 2.4 MW Gasification Project.
  • Tests for Production of briquettes from acquired biomass waste in existing fuel treatment plants for 2.4 MW Gasification Project 2.4MW Gasification Project – commencement of fabrication of gasification technology and gas engine.
Roadmap ICO


  • Implementation of AVI Renewables DApp and Token distribution for Use-Case 1: 2.4 MW Gasification Project.
  • Smart Contract Creation for the Hydrogreen Amplifier.
  • Development of Energy data storage and Tracking for TerraGreen Blockchain.


  • 2.4MW Gasification Project – commencement of civil & structural activities.
  • Connecting Emission Reduction and Fuel Savings to the TerraGreen Platform – Creation of a DApp for the Hydrogreen Amplifier.
  • Large-scale Manufacturing of Hydrogreen Amplifier device.


  • Collaboration with energy distribution companies in Cambodia, Malaysia and Central Africa Republic.
  • Mass supply and integration of Hydrogreen Amplifier device in transportation and industrial sectors in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.


  • Implementation of Emission and Reduction and Fuel Savings Web Platform on Blockchain.
  • Tests for Production of briquettes from acquired biomass waste in existing fuel treatment plants for 2.4 MW Gasification Project
  • Development and Integration of energy distribution functionality on TerraGreen platform.
Roadmap Terragreen ICO


  • Test of Gasification performance of produced briquettes on pilot scale for 2.4 MW Gasification Project.
  • Initial Operation Date (IOD) of 2.4MWe Gasification project Smart Meter integration for TerraGreen blockchain.


  • First Test of a Smart Meter on TerraGreen Platform Commercial Operation Date (COD) of 2.4 MWe Gasification project.


To know more in detail about TerraGreen Coin - Check our Green Paper

terrageen greenpaper


The General thought behind TerraGreen is to use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to make the earth (Terra) a greener place by revolutionizing the concept of how green energy is produced and supplied to the customer.

In contrast with current methods of energy production via fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas, TerraGreen focuses on renewable energy that is generated from waste and renewable elements. In the end, TerraGreens purpose is to create a truly sustainable and clean community while allowing consumers to directly participate in the renewable energy industry in a positive manner.

It is all our own interest to stop the pollution by coal and oil and move to an age of renewable energies. We have only one earth and we need to take good care of it. TerraGreen intends to break down the walls between energy producers, investors, utilities, and consumers so that people get involved and influence how their energy is produced personally.

Our Dedicated Team

TerraGreen's team is a group of passionate individuals with multi-year experience in the energy, finance and digital transformation sectors.

Brad lee, Co-founder & CEO
Brad lee
Founder & CEO
Hannes Klobe, Co-founder & CTO
Hannes Klobe
Co-founder & CTO
P. Nahak, COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
P. Nahak
COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
B. Viresh, CIO
B. Viresh
Joylin F. Telagen, Advisor
Joylin F. Telagen
Sabina Abdul Aziz, Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
Sabina Abdul Aziz
Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
Tejaswi P., UI / UX Designer
Tejaswi P.
UI / UX Designer
Hiren Gamit, Digital Marketing Expert
Hiren Gamit
Digital Marketing Expert
Terry T. Robinette, Apps Developer
Terry T. Robinette
Apps Developer

Meet Our Advisors

With advisors of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit TerraGreen coin expands access to low-cost financial services
to fight poverty and maximize individual potential of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

Arturas Svirskis, Advisor
Arturas Svirskis
hugo jaques, Advisor
Hugo Jaques
Anthony Abunassar, STO Advisor Trader Ex Goldman
Anthony Abunassar
Hamza Khan, Advisor
Hamza Khan
Benedict Okole, Advisor
Benedict Okole
Meshach Ishaya, Advisor
Meshach Ishaya
Marie Victoria, Advisor
Marie Victoria


We welcome any interested party in energy field to join us. If you want to be our partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

AVI renewable
gro power system
ajil biofuel

PPA & MOU with Utilities

Utilities supporting renewable energy project of associated companies

internation energy agency

Exchange Partner

The partner organizations we are working with who are cultivation an active ecosystem.


To find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts every day.

Our Blog

To find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts every day.


Below we’ve provided a bit of TerraGreen Coin and few others details of coin with answers.
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TerraGreen Coin is a unique blockchain powered attempt at micromanaging biomass wastes from agricultural and forestry sectors and efficiently converting them into renewable energy products. These products, at the end of the process, will be in their greater heights of economic values. With TerraGreen Coin, consumers can directly participate or involve in the biomass waste management and production of renewable energy products, which in return support the green energy revolution.
No one claims the terragreen network much like nobody possesses the technology behind email. Terragreen is controlled by all Terragreen clients around the globe. While designers are enhancing the product, they can't constrain an adjustment in the Terragreen convention since all clients are allowed to pick what programming and form they utilize. So as to remain good with one another, all clients need to utilize programming agreeing to similar principles. Terragreen can just work accurately with an entire accord among all clients. Along these lines, all clients and designers have a solid motivating force to secure this accord.
As indicated, Terragreen is based on micromanaging of the biomass wastes from agricultural and forestry sectors and to convert it into renewable energy products through natural resources. Moreover, for the Terragreen project, terragreen would produce its own coins and these coins will be distributed to the general public for the crowdfunding. The investment made in the coins would be profitable to the major Biomass plant as well as to the general public where they can gain through their investment and plant can produce more amount of renewable products. These would help to increase the value of terragreen coin and its products economically.
Terragreen is as virtual as the credit cards and online net banking networks people use every day. Terragreen can be used to pay online and in physical stores simply like some other type of cash terragreen can likewise be traded in physical frame Terragreen balances are stored in a large distributed network, and they can't be falsely changed by anyone. As such, Terragreen users have exclusive control over their Finance & Terragreen can't vanish in light of the fact that they are virtual.
TerraGreen coin is a consensus network that enables a digital payment system and a completely digital cash. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer(P2P) payment network that is enabled by its users with no central authority or mediators. From a user point of view, TerraGreen coin is practically similar to money for the Internet. TerraGreen coin can likewise be viewed as the prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in presence.
Buy Terragreen coins at a Terragreen exchange.Alternate Terragreen coins with someone close you.As payment for products or administrations. While it might be conceivable to discover people who wish to sell Terragreen coins in exchange for a credit card or PayPal payment, most trades don't permit financing through these payment methods. This is because of situations where somebody purchases terragreen with PayPal, and after that turns around their half of transaction. This is normally alluded to as a chargeback.
These cash means a virtual currencies and these are generally coin issued by a company for near-exclusive use on our website. Likewise, gift cards, mobile phone top-ups etc. Terragreen is more of all-purpose digital currency.
It’s easier than other online payment modes. Much of the time you just snap a connection and affirm that the exchange is right. On cell phones individuals will in general utilize QR codes since it's much easier.
Off course! Terragreen works extremely well on the Internet to transfer digital cash.
Terragreen fees depends upon the size of the data to be stored not the magnitude of the transaction involved. If it is simple transaction it should cost about 0.0001 TGN transaction fees.
Obviously yes! Presently many services are offering international remittances charge to the person sending money home to their family about significant amounts. Terragreen greatly reduces this.With Terragreen an international remittance is as easy as sending an email.
It isn't possessed or controlled by any association. There’s no legislature or enterprise backing it. It isn't licensed or copyrighted. Despite all, it’s now being utilized by millions of people all over the world to conduct transactions. These people are the Bitcoin community. By perusing this you are a Part of that network.
Just think about logging in to a website. User name and passwords are protected utilizing cryptography - an extremely propelled part of science that secures insider facts. Terragreen utilizes cryptography to demonstrate to others that you, and just you, have the privilege to spend the assets under your control. The majority of the cryptography in Terragreen is notable and utilized in innumerable different applications including banking systems. There’s nothing new or unique. To put it plainly, in the event that you confide in arithmetic, you can trust Terragreen.
Terragreen is accessible for everybody. Terragreen wallets can be found for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and basically everything else. Numerous Terragreen wallets are "open source" which implies that developers can take a gander how they function and confirm that there’s nothing suspicious going on.
There are numerous approaches to obtain Terragreen coins, similarly there are several ways to obtain any foreign currency. Anyway, it is very basic to utilize an online Terragreen trade.
TerraGreen Coins can be purchased from different sources. You can buy them online using an exchange or brokerage service that will enable you to buy TerraGreen Coin with a bank transfer using fiat currency, a credit card, and some services also offer purchasing opportunities using Paypal.
There are numerous approaches to obtain Terragreen coins, similarly there are several ways to obtain any foreign currency. Anyway, it is very basic to utilize an online Terragreen trade.
TerraGreen Coins can be sold in various prospective. The currency can be sold online to an exchange or live in person locally. These same instances work similarly to the buying process. You can sell your TerraGreen Coin to the exchange at the current price it's being sold for.
TerraGreen Coin is a system working by the three fundamental standards of innovative opportunity: Decentralization, Open Source code, and genuine Peer-to-Peer technology. TerraGreen Coin's trust depends on the subjective valuations of human confidence in mathematical algorithms, encryption and numbers. With the three pillars of technological principles TerraGreen Coin’s blockchain is a peer-reviewed system of integrity.

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